Audio Programme
Welcome to the audio accompaniment to the 'Free Your Mind' programme.  Each of the downloads are organised as MP3 files for you to download to your computer.

IMPORTANT: Do not listen to this audio programme while driving or operating machinery

You can either
  •     Click on the link which will open your installed media player
  •     Right Click on the link, which will allow you to save the file to your computer for you to use later.  (hint - if you save to your 'My Music' folder or to your iTunes folder, then it will be included in your music library and transferred to your portable music player.

The download contains:

Hypnosis sessions:

And then the components of the hypnosis programme so that you can use them as you wish:

You can use these segments as you want to, perhaps by replacing the affirmations with your own affirmations, or by removing the Return to create a relaxing session before you sleep.  

Even better, you can use these to train your mind to go into trance states without the aid of the soundtracks, or use some of the audio tools mentioned in the manual to create your own soundtracks based on these.  It's entirely up to you!